3 Ways to Make Wellness Work

As employers seek ways to increase participation in company wellness plans, many firms rely on the famous duo “carrot and stick.” Companies can encourage employee participation by offering financial incentives for meeting certain goals; or they can increase employee costs for those who don’t meet their goals.

However, Crain’s Detroit Business talks to industry experts who suggest that another way companies can increase participation is through company culture. Suggestions include:

  • “Make taking good care of yourself a way of life and a part of the company’s culture”
  • “Rather than focus on providing financial rewards that drive employee participation in workplace wellness programs, or for achieving specific health outcomes, and penalizing those who don’t, employers should focus on creating a culture that emphasizes overall well-being.”
  • And in another trend, one expert sees : “workplace wellness programs in the next few years incorporating on-site care with physicians, physician assistants or care managers spending a few hours a week at a company to coach employees who need to change their lifestyle and improve their health.”