Case Study: A Look at Sustainable Wellness

chipotle-mexican-grill-exterior-590How can company’s use workplace wellness to help drive internal culture? Corporate Wellness Magazine takes a terrific look at exactly how this worked for Chipotle Mexican Grill.

The piece states: “Chipotle had wanted to build a culture of wellness that matched its menu; that is, a program that everyone would believe in and value. This required an innovative, multi-faceted strategy that would:”

  1. “Increase engagement in the wellness program”
  2. “Create a culture of happy, healthy and highly productive employees”
  3. “Reduce lifestyle risk factors, such as obesity, sedentariness and stress”
  4. “Save on health costs by adopting national trends as the benchmark”

But instead of trying to solve everything at once, Chipotle broke the strategy into three yearly parts:

  • YEAR 1: Employee Education & Awareness
  • YEAR 2: Employee Participation & Engagement
  • YEAR 3: Results-Based Wellness

Further, the piece reports that “Chipotle implemented three best practices:”

  • Visible senior leadership support
  • Creative and meaningful incentive design
  • Effective communications

The results? “In the past three years, Chipotle has dramatically increased wellness program participation:”

  • 333 percent — biometric screening completion
  • 166 percent — assessment completion
  • 62 percent — engagement in programs resulting in earning incentives

Now, “the next three years of this strategic approach are now focused on embedding wellness as an integral element of Chipotle’s culture.”