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Celebrating Fourth of July with Health in Mind

As we prepare to celebrate the Fourth of July, we’ll all be tempted (perhaps even more than tempted!) by the barbecue food and delicious desserts.

While we all should take the time to enjoy ourselves, there are also fairly straightforward ways to focus on health and fitness over the holiday weekend — to take the positive habits from a well-run workplace wellness program and apply them to the rest of our lives.

For example, Blasting News advises:

  • “Eat off of smaller plates: A very easy way to eat smaller without even noticing it is to use smaller plates. No need to bring your own plates, instead use a dessert or kids plate and easily consume up to half the calories that you would using a traditional size plate.”
  • “Fill up on the Healthiest Foods First: Get full off of the healthy stuff first. Mixed greens and salads are a wise starting point.”
  • “Participate in fun outdoor activities.” These include biking, kickball, swimming, and more.

Meanwhile, Kaiser Permanente advises:

  • “Hydrate – and consider boosting your water with electrolytes: Beat the heat by drinking enough water (and making sure your kids are doing the same). Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to reach for water because that’s a sign that you’re already dehydrated.”
  • “Protect yourself from the sun: Lather up in sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun.”

The Richmond Times-Dispatch advises:

  • “Balance your food choices between high- and low-calorie options. Mayonnaise-based salads — potato, chicken, tuna — often get blamed for the upset stomachs or foodborne illnesses. However, the cause often is related to overindulgence in high-fat, high-calorie meats, side dishes and desserts.”

And what happens if you find yourself not being able to follow the health tips as well as you’d like over the weekend? reports: “Another thing these health experts are reminding people of is if you overeat or indulge, don’t beat yourself up.  Just get back on track starting at the next meal.”