Workplace wellness conversation

To Communicate on Workplace Wellness, Conversation Works

It seems quaint, even old fashioned — an actual face to face conversation. Or, perhaps, a phone call. Something that involves questions, answers, and the human voice.

It turns out that’s what a majority of people want in terms of not just their healthcare, but also their workplace wellness.

Employee Benefits News reports that “Employees want human touch in healthcare communication.”

The piece cites a report via Health Advocate. It states: “73% prefer a phone conversation as their No. 1 communication preference to discuss healthcare cost and administrative information, [and] 71% say the same about personal or emotional wellness issues…”

“Other key findings show a strong preference for face-to-face conversations. Sixty-five percent rank this method for discussing personal or emotional wellness issues and 61% said the same for managing chronic conditions. In addition, 56% apiece cited the in-person communication channel for physical wellness benefits as well as healthcare cost and administrative information.”

Relatedly, the International Journal of Workplace Health Management published a study titled “Workplace wellness strategies for small businesses.” Among the findings: “The analysis revealed five overarching common concepts: innovation, company culture, employee-centric, environment, and altruism. Under these five concepts, 19 common themes were identified that represent common workplace wellness strategies.”