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Diabetes Data: State Breakdown Provides Insights, Trends

Understanding diabetes prevalence, prevention, and maintenance is an important component of any well-run workplace wellness program (as we’ve reported here, here, and here).

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers vast information about diabetes news, prevention, and more. One useful area that we highlight today: The CDC’s Diabetes State Burden Toolkit, which helps “report the health, economic, and mortality burden of diabetes in your state.”

The tool focuses on health and economic impact, as well as mortality, measuring:

  • “Health burden of diabetes in your state and consists of diabetes prevalence, diabetes incidence, and diabetes-associated conditions. Reporting of diabetes-associated conditions is based on self-reported data, hospitalization data, and Medicare data.”
  • “Economic burden of diabetes in your state and consists of direct (medical) and indirect costs of diabetes.”
  • “Estimated diabetes mortality statistics in your state, consisting of the number of diabetes-attributable deaths in persons aged 15 years or older, years of life lost, and quality-adjusted life years.”

The tool allows users to do deeper dives into each section, as well. For example: Under “Health Burden,” users can see more data around diabetes prevalence, incidence, and associated conditions — with the ability to download into Excel.

In Economic Burden, users can check out total costs, medical costs, indirect costs, and costs by perspective.

In the Mortality section, users can see deeper data around Years of Life Lost and Quality Adjusted Life Years Lost.

Check out the toolkit here.