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eBook: 6 Top Wellness Trends for 2017 (Part 2)

Last week we reported on Part 1 of the new Interactive Health new eBook covering the 6 Top Wellness Trends for 2017 — new wellness trends that will positively impact employee lives and the bottom line.

These insights were derived from internal experts, who collectively have spent decades working directly with and for benefits advisors, corporate benefits executives, workplace wellness leaders, participants and more. They cover the full range of activities that comprise a well-run workplace wellness program and the trends are important for anyone implementing — or considering to implement — such a plan.

In this Part 2, we provide highlights around the next three trends. The full report can be found here.

Trend 4: Embrace Technology That Connects

Staying on top of the latest technology can help you infuse wellness resources throughout your organization, better integrate with vendors, increase engagement and create a culture of health. The eBook offers additional tips on specifically how a well-run workplace wellness program can interact with tech.

Trend 5: Stay Aware of New Regulations

It’s no secret: Rules are changing on the healthcare landscape. It’s critical for employers to stay
up to date on relevant regulations affecting wellness programs. Many new regulations, including the EEOC, go into effect this year and require due diligence on the part of HR and legal.

It’s imperative to protect employees with a secure wellness program. Tips are provided.

Trend 6: Create a Healthy Work Environment

With imagination, you’d be amazed how easy it can be to create programs within the of ce environment that can stimulate healthier behaviors and result in improved health outcomes overall. In fact, “Imagination leads to transformation.”

The eBook provides additional insights into how to encourage employees to eat health, move more, and generally feel better.