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eBook: 6 Top Wellness Trends for 2017

Interactive Health has released a new eBook covering the 6 Top Wellness Trends for 2017 — new wellness trends that will positively impact employee lives and the bottom line.

These insights were derived from internal experts, who collectively have spent decades working directly with and for benefits advisors, corporate benefits executives, workplace wellness leaders, participants and more. They cover the full range of activities that comprise a well-run workplace wellness program and the trends are important for anyone implementing — or considering to implement — such a plan.

In this Part 1, we provide highlights around the first three trends. The full report can be found here.

Trend 1: Focus on Total Well-Being

The connection between our emotions and our physical health has a powerful impact on health outcomes, affecting productivity, healthcare costs and total well-being. A well-run wellness program targets the mind-body connection.

How big is the challenge?

  • 1 in 5 adults experience some kind of emotional health issue in any given year.
  • $135 billion is spent on emotional health every year – nearly as much as the total spent on heart disease and cancer combined.

Trend 2: Focus on Sleep

Over 40 million American adults fall short of the recommended amount of sleep by at least an hour per night. Sleep deprivation harms employee health and productivity.

Wellness programs can encourage better sleep habits through healthy sleep routines, which can have an enormous impact on productivity and overall well-being.

Trend 3: Make Wellness a Community Event

Employees, especially millennials, feel better about wellness programs that bene t others and themselves. By providing company-supported wellness programs with activities that serve the community, you can help incentivize employees to adopt healthy behaviors.

Each of these trends comes with actionable tips — things a company can do right now — to start improving their wellness approach.

Additional highlights will come in Part 2. For the full report now, please visit here.

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