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Employees Too Tired to Exercise?

Are employees getting enough exercise?

Enabling access to exercise — and encouraging a regularized fitness routine — remains an important part of a well-run workplace wellness program.

We previously noted a MedPage Today report: “Regardless of weight, inactivity may be a precursor to metabolic syndrome, according to a new study.”

The study is titled “Low fitness is associated with abdominal adiposity and low-grade inflammation independent of BMI.” As the authors state:

  • “In both men and women, higher levels of fitness were associated with lower waist circumference, independent of BMI.”
  • “Higher waist circumference was continuously associated with higher hsCRP (C-reactive protein), independent of BMI in both men and women.”
  • “Higher levels of fitness were associated with lower hsCRP, independent of BMI in both men and women.”

Now a new UK survey indicates that employees may not get enough exercise, as “workers claim they are ‘too tired’ to exercise during the working week.”

The Workplace Insight post notes:

  • “A third of workers (35 percent) do not exercise at all Monday to Friday.”
  • “Half of women (51 percent) only exercise once during the working week.”
  • “Tiredness before and after work is apparently the top reason (58 percent) why UK workers don’t exercise during the working week, closely followed by the cost of joining a gym or going to classes (38 percent), and long working hours (28 percent).”

The data provide a good reminder for workplace wellness managers: Engaging employees in fitness routines can be complicated. Even with all the tools — gyms, walking meetings, etc. — additional factors can impact engagement.