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Focus on Healthy Eating Can Improve Workplace

Among the aspects of workplace life that a well-run workplace wellness program can positively impact include the importance of proper diet.

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Now a helpful Washington Post piece notes: “Want a productive work day? Watch what you eat.” Among the tips:

Fuel right. Vegetables, fruit, whole grains, lean proteins and healthy fats will provide you with a steady source of energy throughout the day while offering the nutrition you need for long-term health.”

Don’t ignore hunger. Over time, ignoring hunger cues can dim them, making it harder to figure out if you’re actually hungry even during more relaxed times.”

Take your lunch break. Consciously disconnecting from work in the middle of your day can give you an energy boost and make your afternoon go more smoothly.” And, of course, whenever possible, eat lunch someplace other than at your desk!

Eat mindfully. If you must lunch at your desk, try to refrain from checking your email, doing work or talking about work. Take a few deep breaths, then eat slowly and savor your delicious, healthful meal.”

“Manage the work food environment. Packing your own nutritious and appealing lunch and snacks can help inoculate you against less-nutritious offerings from the vending machine or co-workers. If you buy your lunch, placing your order in advance instead of waiting until you are already hungry can make it easier to make a healthful choice.”