Wellness Affects Business Performance

Focus on Wellness Affects Business Performance: Survey

A new survey of real estate business leaders finds that an “employer push for health shows impressive ROI,” according to Safety.BLR.

Yahoo! News reports further: “A survey of corporate real estate executives at large corporations conducted by CoreNet Global and CBRE Group, Inc. has found that when a company focuses on employee health and wellness, workers report increases in engagement, retention rates increase, and absenteeism declines.”

“The survey saw responses from 211 senior level executives in the corporate real estate profession: 66 percent were corporate real estate end-users (occupiers), 25 percent were in technology firms, and 23 percent were in financial services firms. Eighty-nine percent of the firms represented in the survey reported that they are focused on health and wellness initiatives.”

Some of the focus is on design, but much of the focus is on wellness programs and activities.

Yahoo! continues: “When companies have focused on wellness efforts with specific goals, the efforts have paid off, according to the survey. Nineteen percent reported a decrease in absenteeism, 25 percent reported increased retention, and 47 percent reported increased employee engagement.”

Said Matt Toner, Managing Director of the CBRE Institute: “This increased focus is tied to a clear ROI for the business, where even small yet targeted adjustments in CRE capital and operating strategies have proven to increase employee engagement, productivity and retention rates – each of which supports the longevity of organizational success and profitability.”