Gallup: Engaged Employees are Healthier

You already knew that employees who are engaged in their work perform better. But did you know they’re healthier, too?

Gallup reports that “American workers who are engaged in their work and workplace are more likely to report a healthier lifestyle than their counterparts who are not engaged or who are actively disengaged. Engaged employees eat healthier, exercise more frequently, and consume more fruits and vegetables.”

Previous Gallup research found that “employee engagement is positively correlated with better health — engaged workers are less likely to be obese and to have chronic diseases. The positive correlation between employee engagement and healthy behaviors holds true after controlling for respondents’ health conditions and key demographics, such as age, gender, race, income, education, and marital status.”

Gallup has also found that “found that engaged employees were 21% more likely than actively disengaged employees to be involved in wellness programs offered by their company. ”

And while the study provides caveats that there may be other reasons that impact the link between “being engaged at work and leading a healthy lifestyle,”┬áthe conclusions are clear: “Since engaged employees are more likely to lead a healthy lifestyle, workplaces that actively improve engagement may end up seeing an added benefit of better employee health — the potential benefits of which include reducing healthcare costs for a company in the long term and increasing energy and productivity in the near future.”