Global Update: Survey Shows Workplace Wellness Drives Employee Engagement

We’ve reported on the various ways workplace wellness programs can help increase employee engagement (or even employee recruitment) in the U.S. (for example here, here, and here). But what about outside the U.S.?

We provided news from the UK here, which showed that a “recent study from the Reward and Employee Benefits Association (Reba) found that wellness programs are on the rise.” Now another study provides insights into the effect in the Middle East — and the results are similarly powerful.

Trade Arabia reports that “Almost two thirds (65 per cent) of business managers in the UAE said their company’s corporate wellness programmes had improved the health of their employees, according to a new report.”

The study by Meed, a Middle East business intelligence provider, continues: “Nearly half of respondents (48 per cent) said that corporate wellness programmes had improved employee engagement, 35 per cent said the schemes had reduced business costs.”

Said Dr. Michael Bitzer, CEO at National Health Insurance Company – Daman: “The work place is where most people spend at least a third of their day. From the perspective of the general well-being of an individual it then becomes imperative that the environment that they spend so much time in supports wellness. Employers must take necessary steps to ensure that work environments remain inspiring and pleasant as that motivates staff and keeps them positive. Positivity, as we all know, influences productivity.”

“We are delighted with the feedback that a majority of the businesses utilising corporate health and wellness programmes have found them to be effective in improving the health of their employees. Such programmes, as demonstrated by winners of previous awards, are scalable to suit every budget and workplace– from organising weekly walks around the local park to broad programmes involving experts and specialists’ venues.”