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How To Implement a Campaign to Engage Employees on Mental Health

Yesterday we reported on the reasons — and ways — businesses should engage employees on mental health in order to help employees and help reduce overall health costs.

We noted a recent Employee Benefits News report that “because employees are not seeking treatment for these conditions, employers are losing an estimated $225.8 billion each year due to stress, anxiety, depression and substance abuse contributing to high turnover, burnout, exhaustion and decreased motivation.”

To help address these concerns, Interactive Health has outlined “Four Workplace Pillars of Emotional Health.” These include: 

“Know the Impact – Help employees understand who is at risk as well as the key symptoms and causes of mental and emotional distress.To do this, companies can provide information on the prevalence of emotional health issues via info graphics, handouts, videos and more.”

“Break the Silence – Use communication to help foster understanding and build support among employees. Empower your message through communications that support an authentic space for discussion. Showing understanding and support can take many forms.”

“Ensure Access – The knowledge gained about the impact of mental health is best served with clear action steps. Providing internal and external employee emotional health resources can offer helpful direction. Your Employee Assistance Program can be a valuable partner for answering questions and educating employees what is available.”

“Move Towards Well-being— Create a space for employees to nurture and enhance their well-being throughout the year… Help employees put wellness actions into practice.”

As an example, this PDF outlines the #IWILLLISTEN Campaign, “a simple health promotion campaign that is easy to implement yet has a powerful impact.”