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How Implementing ‘Culture of Health’ Helps Drive Healthy Results

Yesterday we reported on the importance of practicing what you preach — in workplace wellness terms, the importance of creating a culture of health to help seed and promote and well-run program.

We noted that the American Journal of Health Promotion recently ran “The Art of Health Promotion,” coedited by Jessica Grossmeier, PhD, MPH of HERO, which spotlights various case studies that “Illustrate Culture of Health Elements.”

One case study features Interactive Health, which, in addition to providing well-run workplace wellness programs “has also provided a comprehensive wellness solution for their own employees and spouses for more than a decade. As such, good health is not only a part of Interactive Health’s business proposition, it is the norm of the company culture.”

One key to Interactive Health’s success: Executive and organizational leadership. But two others are:

Employee involvement and empowerment. This means a combination of executive involvement (“he CEO and execu- tive team provide funding and resources to deliver a simple program and ensure initiatives are connected to company busi- ness strategy and daily operations.), as well as employee leadership (“Further, 25 volunteer wellness champions spearhead the program, representing each department within the organization.).

Supportive built environment. Even with excellent intentions, the workplace environment matters. The company provides “sit/stand desks, air purifica- tion systems in office locations, walking paths, and coverage of preventive care and flu shots through the benefit plan.” It also offers “on-site fitness center facilities, with member- ship offered at no charge to employees, and has made investments in offerings such as on-site yoga, massage, and step challenges. The company offers to pay a portion of gym memberships for employees who work from home.”

Results get analyzed by a designated Wellness Committee. According to the case study, “The program appears to be working well and is appreciated, resulting in a great corporate culture, productive, and healthy employees, and a management team that fully supports the initiative.”