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How Increased Mindfulness Can Motivate, Improve Physical Activity

As we reach the depths of summer, many people also reach their peak period for fitness and physical activity. For a well-run workplace wellness program, engaging and encouraging employees can help instill the positive habits that (one hopes) will endure through the colder months.

To that end, MedPage Today reports

The post states: “The practice of mindfulness has gained more acceptance in the sports world, which has historically minimized mental health, and healthcare providers can leverage evidence-based approaches to teach young athletes and coaches about it, according to researchers.”

“Presenters at the American Psychological Association’s (APA) annual meeting shared their approaches to teaching mindfulness and implementing programs within a sports culture they said needs comprehensive assistance.”

While the findings focused significantly on athletes and organized sports activities, many of the principles – particularly the idea of incorporating a heightened sense of psychology and mindfulness – can help even non-athletes who want to incorporate a positive to fitness.

The post notes that healthcare practitioners “can look to emerging evidence validating the benefits of mindfulness meditation training…” One tip:

“This is a group-based intervention,” said Carol Glass, PhD, a clinical psychology professor at Catholic University in Washington. To successfully implement a program, “you have got to understand group dynamics.”