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Large Majority of Employees Recognize Connection Between ‘Wellbeing and Performance’

We’ve reported how well run workplace wellness programs can help drive important business outcomes, including helping reduce health costs and improve individual health outcomes.

We previously noted a Yahoo! News reported on a survey and noted: “When companies have focused on wellness efforts with specific goals, the efforts have paid off, according to the survey. Nineteen percent reported a decrease in absenteeism, 25 percent reported increased retention, and 47 percent reported increased employee engagement.”

Now Workplace Insights reports that an “overwhelming majority of employees see link between wellbeing and performance.”

The post notes that according to a 2017 Health Survey from Aon Employee Benefits, “96 percent of employers see a direct correlation between employee health, wellbeing and performance. The survey of 200 UK organisations also suggests that health and wellbeing is rising up the corporate agenda, with 96 percent of employers either agreeing or strongly agreeing that they are responsible for improving employee health behaviours.”

The survey is further interesting in that it shows that employers seem to recognize the positive benefits of a well-run workplace wellness program — and many of them want more.

The post continues: “77 percent are looking to improve on their existing health and wellbeing programmes in the next 12 months. In addition, although employee physical health is important to employers, they are also looking to strike a balance between what are becoming the four widely accepted core pillars of health and wellbeing – Emotional, Physical, Social and Financial.”


As a note to how consistent these finding are — and how important it is for employers to maintain consistency in their workplace wellness programs — last year “93 percent of employers saw a direct correlation between employee health and performance.”