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Managers Play Key Role to Advancing Workplace Wellness

Managers are central to a well-functioning business. Why would anyone think it’d be different for advancing a well-run workplace wellness program?

We reported previously that the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development states: “Line managers are central to the successful implementation of a well-being strategy. They also have a crucial part to play in creating the culture necessary to support a healthy organisation.”

Workplace Insight states: “Positive people management can also help rehabilitate people back from sick leave more swiftly; the same research suggests that employees who feel supported by their managers, perhaps including regular but sensitive contact during periods of sickness absence, are more likely to return to work.”

Now a new Gallup report makes an important point: Managers, too, must understand how important their role is.

Writes Gallup: “Because managers play a central role in employees’ professional and overall lives, their dedication to employee well-being initiatives is pivotal for success. However, managers often feel uncomfortable and overwhelmed at the notion of promoting employee well-being — unsure of best practices and resistant to being a ‘life coach.'”

“When managers are uncertain about their role in well-being, companies face a major roadblock to fostering well-being. Managers set the mood and tone of work environments — wielding the power to make or break the development of a culture of well-being.”

The post continues: “This means that companies need to clearly establish managers’ well-being responsibilities and equip them to own their role in the process. Gallup finds that progressive organizations leverage managers’ influence on employee health, engagement and energy to achieve business outcomes.”

Tomorrow: More on managers, including Gallup’s “four pillars offer a roadmap for creating an outcome-driving culture of well-being.”