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What Does Prediabetes Testing Look Like in Workplace Wellness?

Earlier this week, we offered an infographic that outlines how to reshape the workforce to beat diabetes. As American Diabetes Month nears its end, today we offer a view on what prediabetes testing looks like.

Interactive Health notes that

  • 30-39% of Americans are estimated to be living with prediabetes
  • An estimated 90% of those with prediabetes are not aware of their risk
  • Although more effective, only 25-35% of all those at risk of prediabetes are identified through our targeted A1c testing


  • 5-10% of those living with prediabetes progress to chronic diabetes each year
  • $1,095 per individual can be saved by stopping prediabetes from progressing to diabetes
  • $16,682 in annual costs for those with out of control diabetes

Interactive Health outlines the reasons to offer A1c testing to all: “Clients who chose to expand their program and add A1c testing to all employees through Smarter Testing saw an increase in identification of prediabetes risk 3-5 times greater than other testing methodologies.”

The impact can be seen in improved health outcomes and reduced health costs. With a comprehensive wellness program that includes targeted interventions for those at risk, employers can change the trajectory of employee health and their bottom line:

  • Within one year, 35% of Interactive Health members with prediabetes moved to a healthy state.
  • Clients see a $2-9 savings for every dollar spent on Smarter Testing. This can be attributed to the successful risk migration of newly-identified members with prediabetes to a healthier state.