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Report: Companies Use Workplace Wellness to ‘Attract Top Talent’

A new report indicates that an increasing number of companies are leveraging workplace wellness programs “to attract top talent with the potential to lower health care costs through healthy living.”

According to Workforce, “Larger companies in particular have embraced this trend, with 60 percent providing comprehensive programs including cash incentives, gamified challenges and custom programming.”

Said Michael Maniccia, specialist leader for Deloitte: “You can’t have an optimal health strategy if you are not paying attention to healthy living and avoiding risky behavior.”

Other notes from the post:

  • “Most organizations begin their wellness offerings with low-cost easy-to-implement tools like health surveys to identify risks, seminars to address certain behaviors, and weight loss or exercise challenges.”
  • “Larger companies with more resources may offer on-site amenities like gyms, classes and healthy cafeteria menu options.”

Further, the piece indicates that companies increasingly look beyond physical wellness for employees. Often the focus includes emotional and mental wellness, too.

Said LuAnne Heinen, vice president of the National Business Group on Health in Washington, D.C.: “The biggest trend we see is that companies don’t think of wellness as a single program anymore. It’s becoming part of the culture of the organization.”