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Report Connects Healthy Eating with Lower Depression Rate

We’ve reported on the role that healthy eating can play as part of a workplace wellness program that focuses on reducing health care costs — as well as how to create a culture of health.

As well, we’ve reported on mental health as a key part of a well-run workplace wellness program — a topic that gets extra focus during May, which is Mental Health Awareness Month.

Now Gallup reports: “Healthy Eating Linked to Lower Likelihood of Depression.”

The piece states: “U.S. adults who report eating healthy all day “yesterday” are 34.1% less likely to currently have depression than those who say they did not eat healthy. Healthy eating is also associated with a reduced likelihood of having other chronic diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart attack and diabetes.”

Of note: “The survey does not measure long-term eating habits, so it is unknown whether a respondent had only eaten healthy the previous day or if they have a long-term pattern of eating healthy. But each day of healthy eating may have a cumulative effect in reducing an individual’s likelihood of developing chronic diseases.”

The report also notes that among the ways to help individuals improve eating habits, workplace wellness programs present an important option.

It states: “Employers can develop corporate wellness programs to nudge employees toward better eating habits. These programs often share recipes and tips for healthy eating. Some programs ‘challenge’ employees to eat healthy for a defined period, helping to ingrain behavior changes for better health.”