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Strategies for Employers to Address Costs Related to Diabetes: Report

We report frequently on the health concerns around chronic disease and the role that a well-run workplace wellness program can play in helping employees manage those health concerns — while simultaneously helping manage overall health costs.

Of these chronic diseases, diabetes is key. As we’ve reported:

Now a new piece from Benefits Pro outlines “5 effective ways employers can address diabetes costs.”

The report states: “To counter costs from lifestyle diseases like diabetes, employers should aim for a mix of  traditional programs, emerging methods and a supportive organizational environment. The right framework includes five effective, evidence-based ways for employers to promote workforce wellness and address diabetes-related costs.”

These include:

Detect risk factors and disease early on: Employers should utilize workplace health programs that provide tools to measure workforce health. Having this information – the actual risk factors among their staff – will help determine the overall need and type of programs to implement.”

Prevent the progression of health risk: A workplace program that emphasizes modest weight loss, improved diet, stress management and physical activity can help employers reduce the incidence and impact of type 2 diabetes among employees.”

Help employees take control of their health: Providing employees with evidence-based programs helps them engage more actively in their health, a key step both in preventing type 2 diabetes and in managing the disease.”

Offer personalized programs adapted to employee needs: Programs to raise awareness, prevent and manage diabetes must be adapted to the needs and preferences of the workforce.”

Support programs through policies, benefits and environment: A healthier work environment is a more productive work environment. Evidence suggests that outcomes are best when individually-focused programs are supported by organizational-level policies.”