Mental Health Key Issue in Workplace Wellness

Study: Mental Health Key Issue in Workplace Wellness

The importance of focusing on mental health in a well-run workplace wellness program has been a key topic of ours (for example here, here, and here).

Now we’ve come across a report that indicates it’s a key topic in Canada, as well.

Bloomberg BNA reports that “Mental health issues and strategies to handle them are trending in human resource concerns in Canada, according to a national study from the Conference Board of Canada released at the organization’s Better Workplace meeting in Vancouver Oct. 26.”

The post continues: “The study examined trends driving changes to wellness programs and the efforts by employers to integrate occupational health and safety, wellness and disability management programs into their workplaces. According to CBC director of workplace health, wellness and safety research Mary-Lou MacDonald, the study is the first of its kind in Canada, combining occupational heath and safety, absence and disability management and corporate wellness under one umbrella.”

Said MacDonald: “There are certainly high risks around not providing [mental health] programs… We’re really starting to recognize what are the new challenges in the new workforce.”

The Conference Board of Canada is ” dedicated to building a better future for Canadians by making our economy and society more dynamic and competitive.”

Other items of note from the post:

  • “Mental health is now a high priority for companies seeking to improve overall employee health and in turn company performance.”
  • “The study found that mental health issues, including substance abuse and fatigue management, now take priority over chemical safety, emergency preparedness, ergonomics and workplace violence.”
  • “Occupational health and safety is also being incorporated more often into overall wellness plans.”