Thoughts When Choosing Your Corporate Wellness Program Vendor

Clearly, a key factor in whether your corporate wellness program succeeds depends greatly on the vendor you choose to drive it forward. How then can you choose one whose values will perfectly mesh with the vision you have of your wellness initiative?

Here are just some takeaways that should help you create a must-have criteria:

Find a certified and knowledgeable professional

Just because someone “talks a good game” doesn’t mean he or she is a skilled trainer or all that well versed in promoting health and wellness. When seeking a wellness practitioner for your corporate wellness program, do your due diligence and make sure the company maintains active professionals with the necessary credentials to meet your staff’s health goals. Among other areas, this should include CPR, AED, and First Aid certifications, according to fitness management company MediFit. They should also be fully qualified to provide fitness and health evaluations, create customized exercise routines and monitoring safety.

At the same time, an effective vendor always makes customer satisfaction a foremost priority. “Promoting fitness program offerings and providing meaningful advice can be driving forces in recruiting new members and retaining them for many years to come,” adds MediFit.


The rates match the services provided

Some programs offer flat fees while others might use a company’s staff size as a way to determine pricing. Either way, it’s important you find what works best for you and ask your vendor to price along those lines. “Also, ask for any fees that may be associated with program customization, branding of programs, special reports, online setup fees, HRA change fees and data transfer costs per feed,” recommends Employee Benefit News, the trade publication for benefits professionals. “Hidden fees could cause major headaches down the road and ruin your budget. You want a vendor that can provide all-inclusive pricing from the start.”

They have experience working for companies like yours

No matter how skilled and enthusiastic a vendor might be, if they do not have a background working in corporate settings such as yours, then they will not be a good fit. In this vein, it is imperative you ask vendors about their client base. “Ask potential wellness vendors to provide information on clients with similar employee size, demographics, and services,” suggests MediFit. “This will provide more information about their client-base and management experience.  Request to speak directly with managers at these locations, so you can get more detailed information about the site’s day-to-day operations.”

Check with other companies they serve

Does the prospective have a list of satisfied customers? Of course, make sure to check those references, ensuring that your needs align with what the reference experienced. Ask about plan design, privacy policies (the stricter the better), their ability to customize their approach to individual needs, service options, and more.

Choosing the right vendor for your corporate wellness initiative might seem like a formidable task. But if you take your time to vet possible candidates while checking off a list of necessary qualifications, you will find the perfect match.