Top Well-Being Discoveries Include Workplace Wellness Issues

safety-at-workGallup recently ran through its top well-being discoveries of the year, and no surprise, several of them relate to wellness at work.

One top finding: “Using mobile technology for work linked to more stress.” As Gallup reports: “Nearly half of workers who ‘frequently’ use email for work outside of normal working hours (48%) report experiencing stress ‘a lot of the day yesterday,’ compared with 36% among those who ‘never’ check work email outside of working hours. However, workers who email outside of normal working hours also rate their lives better than their counterparts who do not. The same patterns hold true for working remotely outside of working hours.”

Another top finding: “Baby boomers are not maximizing their strengths at work.” Gallup states: “Although U.S. baby boomers have been in the workforce for many years, they are no more likely than younger generations to say that they are able to use their strengths to do what they do best throughout the day. About one in two baby boomers plan to delay their retirement, meaning they will remain an influential part of the workforce. Therefore, employers have an opportunity to help baby boomers identify and use their strengths to achieve higher performance outcomes.”

And one other top finding wasn’t specific to work, but is clearly part of overall wellness: “Obesity linked to lower social well-being.” Gallup writes: “In terms of social well-being, obese Americans are the least likely of all weight groups to be thriving, while underweight individuals are the most likely to be suffering. This pattern underscores the risk of being at either extreme of the weight spectrum when it comes to social relationships.”