Voom, a Desktop and Mobile Wellness Platform

Just released: Voom, a desktop and mobile wellness platform that engages employees throughout their workday in a series of scheduled and interactive stretching and strengthening exercises.

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 1.03.56 PMVoom takes users through two minute “micro-moves” videos, designed by physicians to guard against “sitting disease,” or the many injuries, ailments, and chronic diseases that result from prolonged periods of sitting, physical inactivity, and/or repetitive tasks.

From the press release: “Unlike most wellness programs, Voom is woven into the fabric of an employee’s work day; each two-minute session—or “micro-break”—can be conducted at the user’s desk, with nominal interruption in workflow. To further increase engagement, Voom is offered within a “gamified” framework, giving users the opportunity to earn points, badges, and rewards for fulfilling program requirements. Voom also issues ‘V-mails,’ or period report card emails, and allows both individuals and business administrators to track progress.”