Walking Meetings Get Employees Hooked on Physical Activity

Jerry Callahan, CEO of Heatworks, writes in the Business Upstart Journal about how he “converted the regularly scheduled management meeting into a morning power walk, getting everyone outside and into the fresh air.”

“Not only did these meetings take less time than the conference room version, but everyone was committed to some brisk exercise at the beginning of the day. This walking meeting built teamwork, and the fresh air fueled creativity. Management became so addicted to the benefits of physical activity that more than half the participants made exercise a permanent part of their lifestyle.”

“This culture of exercise and creativity spread throughout the company, to over 1,000 employees, as management advocated for movement within their own departments. Our employee suggestion program overflowed with recommendations for contests related to health — a true grassroots wellness program.”

Circle1“The company began to organize community events, sponsoring 5k and 10k runs that combined competition with camaraderie. We gave our employee event planners days off, with pay, so they would have time to prepare. Our entire organization became healthier, with the average employee losing five pounds over a two-month period.”

For companies interested in starting their own “virtual races” for employees, check out Racery.

“Unlike conventional races, Racery lets you compete against friends from anywhere. Miles logged at any location, time or pace advance your personal or team avatar in the virtual race.”