Ways to Make Sure Workplace Wellness Privacy is Maintained

Ensuring that any workplace wellness program scrupulously protect a member’s personal data is imperative. As these concerns have been raised, we have posted pieces — like this one from Interactive Health CEO Cathy Kenworthy — extolling the importance of properly managing data.

NPR’s Health News provided a useful guide of “7 Questions To Ask Your Boss About Wellness Privacy.” Among them:

  • “What information will my employer see? Workers should ask exactly what information will get back to their company and whether it will identify them.”
  • “Is the program covered under the HIPAA privacy law?”
  • “I don’t understand the privacy policy. Did I give up my HIPAA rights when I filled out my health assessment on the wellness site?”
  • “My employer says it sees only group results. Does that guarantee privacy?”
  • “How many other companies see my wellness data? Employees deserve a clear explanation of which companies get their data, what form it takes, how recipients will use it and how it is protected, privacy advocates say.”
  • “What privacy policies do subcontractors and other third parties have to follow?”
  • “Could somebody try to identify individuals in the group results shared by my wellness plan?”