Wellness Programs Drive Employee Recruitment, Retention

We report frequently on the ways that workplace wellness programs can improve employee health and reduce employer health care costs.

There’s also employee recruitment and retention.

Rebecca Ellison of the Knox County (TN) Health Department writes in the Knoxville News Sentinel: “Use wellness to recruit, retain quality employees.”

She writes: “Investing in small steps to improve your employees’ health could pay big dividends when you are able to recruit and retain a high-quality, healthy workforce.”

Importantly, Ellison addresses the challenges that some small businesses can face: “Frequently, small business owners and startups will assume that implementing wellness policies and programs at their worksites are not affordable or sustainable, but there are several low-cost initiatives that can be implemented.”

Ellison adds: “There are many benefits to making wellness a priority at your business. As health care costs continue to rise, many employers are turning to worksite wellness programs to counteract the expenses associated with an unhealthy workforce.”

“In addition to the cost of health insurance premiums, employers pay for unhealthy employees in the form of employee turnover, employee absenteeism and presenteeism. Presenteeism is a term used to describe employees who may be present at work, but they are not fully productive due to reasons such as physical or mental health barriers.”