Why Leaving Work Early is Bad for You

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 7.41.09 PM“Drive by some buildings at 5 p.m. and you’ll see people streaming out the doors like the floodgates have burst open and every employee has finally been set free,” Dharmesh Shah writes for Huffington Post.

“It always makes me wonder: What must it be like to work for companies like those? What must it feel like to so badly want to get away from a job that hordes of employees are compelled to make sure they get out the door within seconds of their official quitting time?”

“I’ve had that kind of job when I was younger, so I know how terrible it feels. And that’s why you should never leave work on time.”

“Not because you owe the company more hours and effort… but because you owe yourself to work in a job, and for a company, where you feel engaged, fulfilled, appreciated, and eager to do work you love… But there’s another reality to consider as well. Roughly speaking we will all work well over 10,000 days during our careers. That’s a lot of days to feel disengaged, unfulfilled, and unappreciated. That’s a lot of days to spend watching and waiting for quitting time.”