Workplace Wellness Continues to Grow Five Years into ACA

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 9.50.37 AMThe Affordable Care Act turned five years old recently. Many aspects of American health care have evolved as a result of the landmark law. And workplace wellness is one of them.

Healthcare Dive reports that “a key concern for providers of employer-sponsored health plans is measurement of impact,” and that “the market for a sophisticated, measurable, high-impact, preventive care program in the employer workplace is still relatively young and fast-growing,” according to Interactive Health CEO Cathy Kenworthy.

Said Kenworthy: “From our company’s perspective, I think the factors that are driving these workplace programs is the ability to achieve business impact that’s measurable, clear and definable,” she says. “With regard to the altruism of preventive care, players want to see that translated into clear results and impacts.”

Of course, as the piece notes, the ACA increased “the premium reduction that employers can offer to employees who participate in wellness programs from 20% to 30%.” But it’s the real, measurable impacts — as opposed, simply, to the regulation — that is driving this change.

Looking forward, according to Healthcare Dive, “what [Kenworthy] sees currently is the ‘continued pruning’ of wellness programs, such as determining what strategies create and generate sustained impact, and moving from program elements that have been discretionary to those that emphasize real impact—such as the identification of individuals in a population that have chronic issues that need intervention.”